A Ramblin’ Woman

I have taken lots of pictures and thought about updating this, but then I just feel too lazy.

I’m reading this book right now, The Working Poor, by David Shipler.  So far most of the poor people in that book say they’re poor because they’re lazy, even though they work constantly. I don’t have nearly so much going against me as these people, but I can relate to their improper use of a certain adjective.

I guess it’s not exactly that I’m lazy, but that I don’t really feel like typing any more than I already type, and I don’t really feel like being on the computer any more than I’m already on the computer.

Speaking of which, it will be much easier to tear myself from my mac in about 5.5 weeks, when I will no longer be using Skype every morning and night. Yep. I’m moving to Montreal, so I’ll see you when you all move there too.

I feel like this year has been a pretty amazing crash course in relationships. Who knew that I could hug and kiss my computer this much? Cry to it? Laugh with it? That’s probably why it broke down and erased my hard drive a few weeks ago … repressing bad bad memories, it was.

So. I’m going to see as much of Seoul and Korea as I can before leaving, and I’ll try to share some of it on here.


4 responses to “A Ramblin’ Woman

  1. Montreal! How exciting! I take it things are going well for you :-) :-) Will you look for a job teaching English there? Keep us posted on your adventures!

  2. Congrats on the move to Montreal! You’re gonna love it there. I so t0tally relate to not wanting to type/write, something I feel totally horrible and guilty about.

  3. Dude. You have now totally sold me on that book. I’m gonna try to get it at the library or Half Price Books… but I’m gonna force myself to wait until school is over. :'(

  4. Julianne: Yeah – I guess I kinda like him. I’m looking for a job, but I have to wait until they let me be there legally.

    James: Thank you for sharing in my joy and guilt.

    Car: You can do it, I know.

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