Raising Funds

Okay, so, we’re holding a benefit show at the lovely rooftop bar Roofers in Itaewon.

There will be music of the acoustic kind, lovely voices, and even a little cello.

Besides promoting good old-fashioned fun, all of this is to help my friend’s mom pay for her cancer treatment. Recently my friend Evens told me that his mother, Nadine Cériné, has cancer and that the recommended surgery would be $5000 which “might as well be a million.”
In Haiti, although cancer may be treatable, it is often unavailable or unaffordable. This page is an effort to help raise money for one person. Please see Evens’ letter below:

This is Evens Fils from Haiti. I am a teacher. I teach computer and I have a center for children. Jessica Horstmann is a friend of mine and she was my outstanding teacher in a training program in Ounaminthe, Haiti.
My mother is 52 years old and sick with cancer. I want to help her. She has done enough for us. We do need her. She is taking care of my sisters. She is taking care of 4 orphans and needy children. She is a missionary in her church. We are asking you for your help to find money for her treatment or a way to get her a surgery in a foreign country.

As an older child in the family, I have dedicated my life, my time and my money to helping the poorest in Haiti. So I can’t help. By faith, I am taking care in Ouanaminthe of more than 120 students (children and adult, primary school and professional school). In the middle of hard poverty, giving is not a choice but a moral calling. That’s why we give all we get, even our life. This is what my mother taught me from my childhood: living by giving is the meaning of a real life.
We need $5000 dollars for a treatment program and the possibility to continue the treatment in a foreign country where there is higher medical technology. We don’t have money. We just have faith and we believe in values, honesty, charity and prayer. By faith my mother has taken care of many orphans and needy children. Then by faith we believe that we will find a way because God can make a way. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. That’s my mother’s motto.

Thank you,
Evens Fils

(My mother)

(left, my sister Farlone) (Center, my mother) ( right, my sister Daphney)

Okay. I am so in no way savvy about these things. I tried figuring out how to make the paypal button show up, but let’s just forget that.

Please click here to donate:


And I will keep you updated on how much has been raised. Anything else seems beyond my INTERNET skills.

So, whether or not you can make it to the show, please consider donating – and passing this event along to those who might do the same!

Thank you!


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