For your listening pleasure

A lot of Korean songs would fall under the category of K-Pop (kind of boy/girl band bubblegum pop, which is huge all over Asia, along with Korean movies and TV dramas). But most of the following are examples of Korean underground music.

Cut-out animation from Fin. This song keeps almost making me want to break out into Come On, Eileen.

Mono Diary.  Street food, floating guitars, young love, church weddings. I can’t understand any of the words, but I think they’re pretty happy and nostalgic.

Nell – Stay. The intro to this video is a little more intense than the song itself.

3rd Line Butterfly. I rather like this one, on first listen.

And this is the song I’ve had in my head since I joined twitter (“follow me, follow me”). This one’s straight up K-Pop.

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep

[partly via Indieful Rock]


6 responses to “For your listening pleasure

  1. They are all the new Zeppelin! Thanks so much for bridging the cultural divide.

  2. You were on such a roll. Why’d you stop? I like the videos, bty.

  3. I like playing every song you post simultaneously…it’s the closest I can come to walking along the streets of Seoul with you and feeling immersed by the surrounding stimuli.

  4. It’s pretty close.

  5. Carly, I lost steam. I got busy. I’ll do better.

  6. S’okay. I don’t want it to feel like work.

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