Dark Days

The other day I was talking to a six year old Korean boy about stars.

He looked confused and said he couldn’t remember ever seeing them. “Maybe three,” he said. Then he told me about the stars in the movie Madagascar.

It was really dark today in Seoul.

Sometimes you really don’t want to know whether it’s the weather or the smog.

Sinchon Rotary - right next to my apartment


Most people were wearing masks

plain white masks

and badass black ones

People without masks were walking with napkins to their mouths

or scarves, hats, cupped hands

It was odd.


5 responses to “Dark Days

  1. This chills my blood. Maybe I’m just paranoid. I don’t even live there.

  2. I think you should breathe as little as you can until July.

  3. It is a little chilling. I felt like I was in white noise and now I have traces of this substance in me and my children and my childrens’ children forever.

    More about “yellow sand” levels in Seoul: http://www.korea.amedd.army.mil/webapp/yellowSand/Default.asp

  4. The stars in Madagascar

  5. I hope you’ve been wearing your mask.

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