Things I should maybe post about

I don’t ever update this, but maybe I’ll make a schedule. Because if I don’t do it, and if I leave Korea, maybe it will be like I was never here or something.

Things I could post about:

1. How my dad visited.

2. How I left Korea and went to Montreal for 10 days.

3. Pictures of people in Korea crossing streets and traversing sidewalks in tangled hordes.

4. Pictures of Koreans in school uniforms for Jihae.

5. Plastic Surgery in Korea and how I got extremely varied responses on this subject when shamelessly using entrance interviews as an opportunity to conduct an informal poll.

6. Expats exposé.

7. Conducting a relationship almost entirely via Skype, a subject seemingly unrelated yet inextricably tied to South Korea.

8. Readers’ Choice.



8 responses to “Things I should maybe post about

  1. I vote for all of the above!

  2. i love them all. i really want to know about their beauty regiment v. essential.

    jessica, i miss you! when you are back in ny, we are going to do all things korean but subpar in flushing. yeon and i went to spa world today (mok yok tang) and Scrubbed down. you better be going to mok yok tang, please tell me you r going to mok yok tang.

  3. 5 and 7.

  4. #1, with lots of pictures.

  5. Ooo. Start with number 4.

  6. Jihae, I went to a spa in Icheon and got scrubbed down. It was one of the craziest experiences of my life. And yes, I’m going to mok yok tang.

  7. Calvin Jungho Kim

    I vote for this :How I left Korea and went to Montreal for 10 days.

  8. I vote for all of them as well! I see you’ve already posted about your dad’s visit and your visit to Montreal. I look forward to reading the other posts, especially an expats expose! Wonder what that’ll be about. Oh yeah, and as for reader’s choice, I vote for a blog about Korean spas!

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