Streets and Stencils and Art, Seriously

So, when I first arrived in Korea, I hardly noticed any graffiti at all. But as you spend time in a place, your focus narrows a bit, I suppose, and I actually came across some things I’m surprised I never noticed before.

All of these were collected in Hongdae and most were collected in November, but I never got around to posting them.

The first thing I noticed was a lot of stencils:

Queer Trap Stencils: (apparently a Seoul thing?)

Flower Boo Boo Stencils:

Gun Stencils:

Che Stencils:

Seal Stencils:

Birthday Stencils:

Love Stencils:

And some paintings:

I noticed this “Why So Serious?” message in a couple of places. Apparently it’s the “MOMORMORE PROJECT”:

And – although the Momormore crowd would not be wrong in accusing me of taking things too seriously from time to time – there is just one more thing I’d like to say.

Most of you know that I’ve done some work in Haiti – and I very much appreciate your emails asking about my friends there. I’m happy to report that no one I know was directly harmed, from what I’ve heard. But of course many people have been affected and will continue to be for some time. I think Partners in Health is a very trustworthy organization and I encourage you to donate as much as you can as many times as you can, whether there or to another honest organization.


2 responses to “Streets and Stencils and Art, Seriously

  1. Lovely…! Here I go whining about you not posting in so long, and then it takes me 5 days to notice your recent post. So hypocritical.

    I’m trying to decide which of the paintings is my favorite, but just can’t. Maybe the seal. Maybe the red lady. Maybe the birthday wish.

    Glad to hear your friends are okay… are you coming to Texas soon?

  2. I especially like the seal, but that is partly because of its very elegant juxtaposition with the motorcycle. Also, birthday stenciling is amazing idea. It reaches even more people than birthday t-shirts. Thanks for the graf gathering!

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