The last Friday of every month Club 500 in K-Burg (Hongdae) holds a flea market slash music show. They call this Obeg.

I’ve always particularly liked this combination, so I went.

This is the flea market:

The music turned out to be some douchey 90s white guys, though, so I left.*

Still, I did stay long enough to get my picture painted and drawn.  Maya, wouldn’t you like to come out sometime and draw there?

This is Yujung, one of the gals who painted me. She and the guy were very nice. They sat me down and we said what we could considering limited language abilities. Yujung wanted to paint me for free, but I decided I could spare the regular 75 cent charge.

Which one looks most like me?

*Okay, I’m sure they were very good. I just like saying douchey recently. Why is that, do you think?


6 responses to “Obeg

  1. why is this event held in a cave?

    those drawings are super nice! i like the bottom right one. you look like the mommy from coraline there.

  2. “douchey” is funny and fits a lot of people just right, that’s why

  3. I still haven’t seen Coraline. ㅠㅠ
    But I think it’s in a cave because it’s k-burg.

    Michelle, you’re always exactly right.

  4. I like the left one, but the top right looks most like you.

    Also, you crack me up :)

  5. Great!!!!!!! it’s really fantastic!
    I like the top right! This is really you, Jessi!
    This make remind me when I was a student.
    I really miss Hong-Dae and around there. Street food, street painting and a lot of clubs.
    I am gonna stop by here frequently!
    See you soon Jessi! Take care and stay warm!

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