Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

Could I be considered the German-Native American U.S. expat in SoKo version of George Jefferson? I’d like to think so.

I’ve spent the last few weeks in a mosquito infested one room apartment living out of a suitcase. And these mosquitos were ridiculous, let me tell you. I finally resorted against my better judgment to a bug killing spray, but did it work? Not a lick. I would spray it directly on the damn things and they just kept on flying. I was sure that the spray would kill me first. Someone would eventually find my lifeless body, a half-empty can of bug spray, and a swarm of happy and healthy mosquitos.

So I stopped spraying and instead spent an hour each night on the hunt.


But as of this weekend, I am “movin’ on up”, so to speak. I got an apartment – which I am not paying for – in the Hyundai Building (13th floor) not at all far from Sogang. Let me just give you a tour.

You can see here that I’ve got two main “rooms”*. The desk, TV, etc. came with the apartment. And I have a lovely and comfortable chair for the hours of grading ahead! Slightly lacking in decoration, but this will come. (And yes – the blankets on the ground are my current “bed”. A real bed will also come. Someday. I hope.


And I can now cook delicious healthy foods and make coffee in the morning. Mmmmmm….


The former tenants left me this beautiful yellow rice cooker. Used immediately to make tasty brown rice. Cuckoo!


Did I mention that I can do laundry? In my apartment? (First time I’ve done laundry since I got here.)



And I’ve got tons of storage space!


Now I’ve just got to figure out how to turn on the hot water ……

—Next up: Pictures of Korean people, as per Jihae’s request—

*Could these be considered “unnecessary quotations marks”? I mean, it sort of feels more like a room and a half plus a little patch of laundry space. Hm.


4 responses to “Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

  1. The place looks great! Let’s try to order a bed via online on Wednesday (If that’s not too late for you). Well, let’s have a housewarming party!!!

  2. But how homey could it be without cats sneezing all over it/you?

  3. hyundae building – swanky. why is your desk/chair so nice? its like they expect you to be working all the time.

    for mosquitos you gotta get that thing that you plug in the wall and it burns that coal like thing and keeps the mosquitos away.

    lots of pictures of koreans please. lots of pictures of koreans doing korean things.

  4. girlfriend – i NEED to see some pictures of korean people. please post them up ASAP.
    miss u lots in morningside hts. it sucks there without you!

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