Unfamiliar Situations

So far I don’t have time to do anything really interesting. I just plan lessons and be happy and sometimes get unnecessarily huffy about things.

Did you ever notice that when you’re in an unfamiliar situation, you tend to assume that everyone is mad at you, or is judging you? I’m using you to avoid saying that me, I do that.

So far, I really love Seoul. I’m seeing my friends again. The university is great. My students are just wonderful. Teaching makes me so happy. I have a lovely apartment which I am not paying for. I’m learning Korean. And I love the food, of course. But.

Well, most of my stuff is at my friend Geoff’s place, so I’m seriously running out of clothing, but I have no time to go get it, what with the millions of papers to grade, lessons to plan, alien registration cards to obtain, etc. SO, last night, I thought I’d just better buy some underwear, already. And I didn’t know how to read the sizes and the salesladies kept talking to me in Korean, and I felt sure they thought I was an idiot and that they were somehow upset with me, so I was upset at them – who do these people think they are, anyway? I have a masters. And I’m trying to learn Korean. I just got here. And so I just bought a pair, thinking that they were thinking how I was buying the wrong size like a stupid foreigner who comes to Korea and thinks she can just speak English. Anyway, they were the wrong size.

This is a view from my school.


And this is me with the I.D. card they gave me. They made me skinnier and spelled my name wrong (Hosrtmann): an opportunity for a fresh start.


Also, they have these exercise parks –  like playgrounds for healthful adults, and primarily the elderly, from what I can tell. I will get some good pictures.




6 responses to “Unfamiliar Situations

  1. JESSICA! I’m jealous that you’re in Korea, but at the same time I feel for you because I know it can be tough to adjust to living in a world filled with mysteries. Do you ever wish I was young (I’m not twenty-something anymore, you know) and single and traveled to Korea to teach in Seoul at the same time as you? Me too.


  2. I wish that all the time. And I think Dan and Ian and little Hank could all be really happy here.

  3. That expression on your face should be immortalized on a statue decrying Bureaucratic Incompetence.

  4. omg – i love this font. what is it?
    remember that yelling and scolding is a form of affection in soko. i am only partially joking.
    i woke up at 8 after going to sleep at 3:30 and i desperately want bap and kimchi. JESSICA!

  5. There’s nothing worse than baggy undies!

  6. Mac, I think you meant to say there’s nothing BETTER than baggy undies.

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